Monday, August 5, 2013

Water Skiing fun sport

Water Skiing is a sport in which individual is pulled behind a boat over a body of water,skimming the surface.The sport requires exceptional upper and lower body strength,as well as good balance and muscular endurance

Water skiing was invented in 1922 when Ralph Samuelson used a pair of boards as skis and a clothesline as a towrope on Lake Pepin in lake city,Minnesota.

Water skiing gained international attention in the hands of famed promoter Dick pop Sr., often referred to as "father of American water Skiing"

Water skiing typically begins with a deep water start,with the skier crouching down on the water.The skier can also perform a "dry start " by standing on the shore or a pier;however ,this type of entry is recommended for professionals only.When the skier is ready ,the driver accelerates the boat to pull the skier out of the water.

In addition to the driver and the skier,a third person known as the spotter or the observer may be present.The spotter's job is to watch the skier and inform the driver if the skier falls.The skier and the boat's occupants communicate using hand signals.

Speeds vary from as slow as 22km/hr up to 58km/hr for slalom water skiing approx 72 km/hr for barefoot skiing and approaching 190 km/hr in water ski racing.The length of the rope also varies widely on the type os water skiing and the skier's skill level.