Friday, August 9, 2013

Universal Celebrates Studio's 100th Anniversary

Universal Celebrates Studio's 100th Anniversary with lovely water show

The Universal Studios in Orlando,Florida is a theme park, Film studio that was opened on June 7, 1990.Universal Orlando Resort, formerly known as Universal Studios Escape, is considered a resort with plenty of accommodated hotels, rides and attractions. It eventually turned into a complete resort with the addition of the upscale hotels. A second theme park called, Islands of adventure, was also built. This area included the nighttime entertainment district, City walk. The Hard Rock Hotel was added in 2000, followed by the Royal Pacific Hotel in 2002.

This is the year to be at Universal Orlando.Rolling out their biggest year of new attractions and events

The Cinematic Spectacular celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Universal movie studio, and it plays on the central lagoon of the park.  The central features are twin “waterfall screens” that spray a steady surface of water onto which high-quality film can be projected, just like a regular movie screen.  

At its core, the show is a montage of movies.  It’s divided up into sections like heroes, horror, comedy, and good vs. evil.  The always-reliable Morgan Freeman delivers the narration, and the show uses familiar movie music (E.T., Back to the Future, Jurassic Park) to hit some emotional highs.

In addition to the screens, there are colored spotlights, a “regular” water screen, and a long row of high-tech fountains that can dance to the music or change color.

Universal Celebrates Studio's 100th Anniversary with lovely water show