Monday, August 12, 2013

The Fall of Atlantis show,Las Vegas

Free show of Fall of Atlantis at Caesars,Las Vegas

Fall Of Atlantis at Caesars Forum,Las Vegas

The Fall of Atlantis shows sibling rivalry at its fiercest.

Roaring fires. Splashing waters. Thunderous sounds. A huge, horrific beast. These all come into play in the free 10-minute show inside the Forum Shops. 
The Fall of Atlantis is a FREE show located inside the Ceasar's Palace Forum Shops.  It's 
conveniently located at the end of the mall next to Cheesecake Factory Restaurant.  

The talking Greek statues play out a story of Greek Mythology.  The fire and smoke are 

sure to have the kids captivated.

If you're not a fan of Greek or Roman mythology, the Fall of Atlantis might just change that. You've never seen action like this. The fountain show uses animation statues (including a scary 20-foot winged dragon) while incorporating an awesome fire and water show. Get your video camera ready for the dramatic, mind-blowing special effects, neon lights and the surrounding fountains. For a second, you forget you're in a mall.

The tale begins with King Atlas deciding whether his son or daughter should take over in ruling Atlantis. Greed and haughtiness get the best of the two as they brag about how one's ability is better than the other. The sister (who has a striking resemblance to Meryl Streep) waves her staff and shows off her water power. On the flip side, the brother waves his torch and bursts of flames erupt all around him. The warmth of the heat is shockingly strong. 

They learn the ultimate lesson -- let's just say it doesn't result in a "time-out."  The decision falls out of the father's hands and the other gods show their wrath with the Fall of Atlantis. A terrifying beast with wings appears from behind Atlas' throne and watches the destruction of Atlantis. The ferocious flames and wild water effects prove that these guys are serious.
Be sure to get to the show a few minutes early to grab a good spot since it tends to fill up fast. The first show starts at 11 a.m. and replays every hour on the hour until closing. You'll find it next to the Cheesecake Factory.